One of those days

10 05 2011

It was one of those days.

Kate was in search of a mailbox to send out an already late rent check and there was not one in sight. After succumbing to fate, accepting she was going to be subconsciously labeled as a “doesn’t pay rent on time” miscreant, Kate gave up the task and purchased a big gulp.

She looked right as she exited the 7-11 parking lot and five mailboxes lined the sidewalk. With a snicker of surrender she placed the letter in the mailbox continuing on her way home.

But Kate was stopped by a potentially intoxicated man who asked “what do you do when LA kicks your ass?” After spending half the morning on the verge of tears debating what was going to happen to her life a random guy on the street verbalizes the exact thoughts she was plagued with moments before?

Despite the awkwardness of his close talking Kate lingered willing to hear him out. After all she was armed with 16 ounces of soda.

“And don’t tell me daddy pays your rent, both my parents are dead.”

Shit, is this guy a mind reader? Kate thought.

“Where you from, Philadelphia?” He asked referencing her Always Sunny in Philadelphia Paddy’s Irish Pub shirt.


“Aw shit, I’m from the Bronx. See these cracked lips, people in Boston don’t get these cracked lips.”

Utterly dumbfounded by what his comment meant she began to continue the walk home, nervously giggling and awkwardly backing up the sidewalk in retreat.

“You never answered my question, what do you do when LA kicks your ass?” He repeated, slowly following her up the sidewalk.

Kate hesitated a moment.

“Keep on fighting.” She smiled, turned and walked away.

“Great answer!” Bronx exclaimed, his reaction giving Kate a swift kick of confidence that was almost divinely sent to save Kate from her self deprecating funk.

Kate smiled the rest of the way home.