The Night of the Cliche

14 12 2010

I saw a shooting star tonight.  Venturing back from the last class of my graduate school career, I looked to the sky and there it was.  Cascading downward only to disappear into the nighttime abyss.  It was sort of a surreal moment.  I had just concluded my final class of my final semester at Emerson College, an amazing course taught by an even more amazing woman.  Marie concluded the semester with a class-led reading of Stanford University’s 2005 Commencement speech given by Steve Jobs.  The speech was a true testament of the importance of following your dreams and as Jobs puts it, having the courage to follow your heart and your intuition.

Prior to the recitation of his address, the class shared a variety of projects created while at Emerson.  The amount of creativity and talent surrounding me was incalculable.  Marie congratulated us with extremely encouraging words and that was it.  Grad school over.

Flushed with emotion I made my way back to Oakwood temporary housing, a myriad of thoughts ricocheting in my brain.  But unlike days past the thoughts were not full of anxiety and fear, they were hopeful and reassuring.  As the crickets systematically chirped their homogeneous tune and the automatic sprinklers laced the greenery with artificial dew I saw the shooting star.  I smiled to myself but also laughed at the saccharine sentimentality of it all.

“Stay hungry.  Stay foolish” – Steve Jobs




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