Oakwood Resident Pete

5 12 2010

As I continue to finish my final I removed myself from my distracting apartment and moved to the Oakwood Apartments clubhouse.  The clubhouse has a large open room with about ten tables, a couple couches, and a fireplace.  A man is laying in the couch with a bible on his head.  He is going in and out of sleep.  Every now and again I can hear the slightest snore.

He just got a phone call and decided it would be polite to have a  conversation on speaker with mystery woman Janet while there are others in the room.  I found out his name is Pete and if Pete’s conversation goes on much longer I think I might have to have a discussion about the importance of respect for others.

Janet sounds younger than him and I cannot discern the nature of their relationship.  The purpose of the call is definitely to “check in” but it doesn’t seem as if it is a father/daughter conversation.

They are discussing his role as a “spiritual father” to some girl who was solicited via Facebook to be a model.  They are obviously concerned by this, as anyone would be.  Both he and the woman agree it is his duty to partake in a discussion with the girl about internet safety.

Pete and Janet keep yawning.  Literally every other minute of the conversation one or the other yawns.  He apparently didn’t get any sleep last night because of a tooth ache.  Today it isn’t hurting him at all.  I do not understand why he doesn’t go to his apartment to sleep.  The woman blames her tiredness on the weather.  Californians are such wimps when it comes to any weather other than prolonged sunshine.

Pete just told Janet he was going to have his meatballs and chicken balls for dinner…

After the two hang up Pete calls Janet back and asks her how to prepare ravioli.  Janet’s response “you boil water, cook the ravioli, drain it and then mix with the garlic sauce, add olive oil if you want.”  I assume she provided the meal for him but I find it to be a little disconcerting Pete doesn’t know how to make ravioli.

Oakwood is a very strange place.  It is stuck in a time warp from the late 90s, early 2000’s as one can tell from not only furniture but also the sophistication, or lack of sophistication of the computer technology.  What makes it so strange though is not the aesthetics but the residents.  I think my eaves dropping on Oakwood resident Pete provides enough validity to this statement.




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