Angela and Mark

4 12 2010

I am sitting in a Panera attempting to fine tune the sitcom pilot I have to turn in with my final exam but am having a hard time jump starting the process.

Some guy has walked by my table three times.  Initially I was pretty positive I was in the midst of a William Shatner sighting.  Then I realized Panera is probably not where William Shatner decides to frequent on a Saturday afternoon.

Two gay fellows next to me were having a very interesting conversation about Jewish men and eye candy at 24 Hour Fitness.  They both agreed when signing up for a gym membership, eye candy is a prerequisite for commitment.  I had a really strong urge to be friends with them.

For lunch I had an  asiago roast beef sandwich but feel a little funny.  I think it was the horse radish mayo.  I hate any white substance; mayonnaise, cream cheese, cottage cheese, vanilla yogurt.  I know, it’s weird.

Anyway, I decided to look up a writing prompt with the hope it would “get me in the mood.”  Here is what I got, #303:

Make this the first line of your story: Catching the signal from one of her friends, Angela brushed her skirt, took a deep breath and walked towards where he was sitting.

Catching the signal from one of her friends, Angela brushed her skirt, took a deep breath and walked towards where he was sitting.  Her palms were not sweaty but ice cold, the inverse reaction one would expect from someone about to venture on her first blind date.  Angela felt as if every eye in the bar on her.  Her cheeks began to redden as she approached the man.  Just as she was about to tap the man on the shoulder Angela clipped the leg of his chair sending her stumbling forward.

“Whoa, are you okay Miss?” Instantly the man grabbed Angela’s elbow preventing her from falling on her face.  She looked over her shoulder to the person who had just saved her from extreme public humiliation.  Immediately she was hit with an overwhelming wave of nausea.  Her stomach leaped up into her throat and Angela worried she was about to embarrass herself further by regurgitating two confidence enhancing martinis she downed ten minutes earlier on the mans Kenneth Cole blazer.

He looked peculiarly at Angela.  She knew a response was typically required when engaged in a conversation but words had escaped her.  Looking around Angela spotted her friend glaring in her direction.  She gestured for Angela to go on, eyes wide with excited encouragement.

“Yea, I’m fine” she choked.

“We almost had quite the disaster there, I’m Mark.”  Angela accepted his handshake gasping at the contrast between their skin temperatures.  She was sure she caught the slightest glimpse of steam.

“Angela.  Nice to meet you.  And, thanks”

“Don’t mention it.”  Mark motioned to the chair across from the table he currently occupied.  “Please, sit down.  I’m not sure my reflexes will be on point should you have another bout of clumsiness.”  Blushing again Angela accepted his gesture and began to sit, smoothing out her skirt as she lowered herself into the chair.  Mark subtly pushed it in for her as she sat.

“Thank you.”  Angela paused wondering whether or not she should admit her nervousness.

“Don’t be nervous Angela, I won’t bite unless you ask nicely.”  Mark smiled.  It was the type of look any girl would melt for.  Shocked at his ability to read her mind Angela sighed and let her posture relax.

“This is my first blind date.  I’m a mess.”

“To be honest, I am too but I am much better at hiding it.”  He winked taking a sip from a rocks glass of bourbon.  Angela grabbed it and downed the rest in one gulp.

“Well, that’s one way to take the edge off” Mark laughed.  He signaled for the waitress and Angela looked at the man before her, smiling a smile she never knew her face could make.




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