You know what really grinds my gears?

21 11 2008

…when I am conversing with someone via gchat and it says so n so is typing but then no text appears.  It really fucks with me.  I reply “I think my gchat messed up or something cause I saw you typing but nothing came up” which is along the same lines of  waiting for someone to call but when they don’t you call to make sure your phone is working

…Artist’s MySpace pages that only play a snippit of a song.  Do you really feel you are that much better than MySpace Music?  Give us a break and play the whole thing will ya? 

…celebrities who get pulled over for DUIs.  Come one, you are filthy rich, I think you can afford a cab.


…when picking up your luggage at baggage claim people feel the need to stand the closest they can even though their bags are no where in sight.  This results in those who’s bags are on the carosel at that moment to have to battle their way to the front, trying to over-take the people who have pointlessly planted themselves in the front and are too stubborn to move from their “prime” spot.

…how whenever it rains any sort of driving capabilities a person has goes out the window.  Great two hour commute home from work yesterday, I appreciated it.

…people who don’t wait to see if anyone needs to get off the elevator before they get in.

…livestrong bracelets.  I’m all for supporting cancer but I mean, come on, the fad is over.

…people who use their blinker but the turn isn’t sharp enough so the car doesn’t automatically turn it off and they are driving around like retards with their blinker still on.  I literally can’t drive behind or anywhere near them when that happens.




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